Boston Butt – Bone In


Boston Butt – Bone In

This is an ideal cut of pork for the adventurous or hardcore BBQer!

We would call this cut of pork Spare Rib or Collar, it is particularly good for slow roasting as it is well marbled with lines of fat which will slowly render down keeping the meat juicy and tender.

This cut of pork can be cooked on or off the bone normally with the rind/skin removed.

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The name Boston Butt derives from the colonial United States (or I suppose just plain old America back then) Butchers from New England in particularly Boston, would split the shoulders removing the hand and spring portion leaving the collar. The collars would then be stored in large barrels or Butts and salted to preserve them. Hence the name Boston Butts. This cheaper cut of meat wasn’t favoured by the rich and well to do, and so would often be found being cooked by southern slaves on the plantations. As late as 1915 this process was still being used to transport American pork into Germany and Belgium.

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Boston Butt

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