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Pannage Pork – Unique to The New Forest!

Our Pannage sales have gone through the roof this year!

So we don’t disappoint anyone who has already ordered, we are going to fulfil the orders we already have, and we should know by Thursday 23rd November if we have any spare.

If you would like any Pannage, please pop into the shop after 23rd to inquire.


We are super excited to have a new supplier of Pannage Pork this year, Storms Farm in Cadnam. Their pigs roam completely free in the forest, the benefiting result is pork with the most incredible flavour & texture. Our first delivery is due into us mid-November 2023.

Mike has decided to sell Porchetta, which is the Loin and Belly, rolled into one joint. We may have extra Belly available in the shop, depending on the size of the pigs!

  • Pannage Porchetta- best of both, Loin & Belly
  • Boned & Rolled
  • Available sizes to order; 2kg, 3kg, 4kg, 5kg
  • Available plain, or with a GF Cider, Apple & Sage Stuffing.
  • £14.00 per kilo
Allergen information is available on request, please email [email protected], or telephone 01794 322686.
We are proud to support the local community by offering FREE LOCAL DELIVERY to the following postcodes; SP5 2, SP5 3, SP6 1, SP6 2, SO16, SO40, SO43, SO51, SO52. £3.95 delivery to; BH24, SP5 1, SP6 3, SO14, SO15, SO17, SO41, SO42, SO45, SO53, and £4.95 delivery to BH25, BH31. Our minimum order value is only £30.00. We are happy to take your order either; online, by email or by telephone.


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Our Guarantee to You.

We strive to deliver the most perfect produce. If you are unhappy with any part of your delivery, we would like to know. Therefore, please contact us within 24 hours, and Mike will do his utmost to resolve any issues, usually by replacing the product or refunding you.

Pannage is the practice of releasing pigs in a forest, so that they can feed on fallen acorns, beechmast, chestnuts or other nuts. Historically, it was a right or privilege granted to local people on common land or in royal forests across much of Europe.

Especially in the eastern shires of England, pannage was so prominent a value in the economic importance of woodland that it was often employed, as in Domesday Book (1086), as a measurement. Customarily, a pig was given to the lord of the manor for every certain number of pigs loosed de herbagio, as the right of pannage was entered.

Pannage is no longer carried out in most areas, but is still observed in the New Forest, where it is also known as common of mast. It is still an important part of the forest ecology, and helps the husbandry of the other New Forest livestock – pigs can safely eat acorns as a large part of their diet, whereas excessive amounts may be poisonous to ponies and cattle.

The minimum duration of the New Forest pannage season is 60 days, but the start date varies according to the weather – and when the acorns fall. The Court of Verderers decides when pannage will start each year. At other times, pigs are not allowed to roam on the forest, with the exception that breeding sows (known as “privileged sows”) are by custom allowed out, providing that they return to the owner’s holding at night and are not a nuisance. The pigs each have several nose rings clipped into their noses to prevent them rooting too much and causing damage to grassland.

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Pannage Pork - Porchetta

2kg Plain, 2kg Stuffed, 3kg Plain, 3kg Stuffed, 4kg Plain, 4kg Stuffed, 5kg Plain, 5kg Stuffed


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