Beef Short Rib


Lovely bone-in cut of beef, layers of fat and meat sat on rib bones.

Popular for barbecues. slow cooking is a must!

All of our steak meat is traditionally dry-aged for a minimum of 32days

Also comes as a Smoked product.

Allergen information is available on request, please email [email protected], or telephone 01794 322686.
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Lovely bone-in cut of beef, layers of fat and meat sat on rib bones.

Popular for barbecues. slow cooking is a must!

Cooked long and slow, the fat melts into the meat and the fibres separate, allowing the meat to rise like a cake.

All of our steak meat is traditionally dry-aged for a minimum of 32 days.

If you haven’t tried our Short Rib before, you are missing out on a treat!

The Short Rib tends not to be of the most popular cut of beef around due to the denseness of the muscle structure, If not cooked correctly it can be rather chewy and tough. However, when cooked correctly they can be as tender as fillet and as flavoursome as Ribeye. Both are hugely popular in the United States and South America where they are often barbecued and smoked for long periods of time often with highly spiced rubs which enhance flavour and tenderness. Becoming more popular in this country with the barbecue fraternity as we slowly change the way we use our own gardens and outdoor spaces, with more and more people venturing into barbecuing and smoking. Cooking with charcoal or wood using indirect heat to slowly cook your Short Rib (low and slow) just by adding a little wood such as Oak, Hickory or Mesquite can dramatically change the flavour and smokiness of the Short Rib. Add in the combination of the spice rub and you’re well on your way to the perfect evening meal. It is best to plan your day well when cooking this way as unlike with Gas, temperature regulation is paramount to perfect cooking. If you are cooking with gas it’s still easy enough to get that smokiness into the meat by treating yourself to a smoke box these are inexpensive and there are plenty of flavours of wood flake packs out there for you to try.

You can easily spend 8-10 hours cooking and smoking your Short Ribs to get that perfect combination of tenderness and flavour, this can tend to be a little labour intensive, which some people will enjoy!

If, like with me life flies by at such a rate that it always seems to be Monday you can always utilise the one kitchen gadget that I couldn’t do without the SLOW COOKER! Obviously, this limits the size of the cut of beef you can use but we easily feed up to 6 people from ours.

Mike’s tips for Cooking.

Just prepare your meat with a dry rub, for example, dry herbs, chilli, ginger, crushed mustard seeds, rock salt, and crushed pepper corns, place in a slow cooker, bone down. At this point, I tend to pour in a bottle of stout and a spoon of yeast extract. Separate the fat at the end of cooking and reduce it to create a rich tasty sauce. Cook for 6-8hrs on low, remove from slow cooker carefully it should be almost ready to fall apart, and the fat will have disappeared, then place into a seriously hot oven 220oc or put onto a hot barbecue to allow it to dry out and crisp up. This will only take about 20 minutes or so. Allow to rest and then you’re ready to eat. We tend to have ours with homemade coleslaw and bread fresh from the oven.

The blast in a hot oven crisps up the outside of the meat, this is not absolutely necessary, however, we prefer it this way, serve with homemade coleslaw, and crusty bread…….

Our Guarantee to You.

We strive to deliver the most perfect produce. If you are unhappy with any part of your delivery, we would like to know. Therefore, please contact us within 24 hours, and Mike will do his utmost to resolve any issues, usually by replacing the product or refunding you.


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