Mike Alexander – Master Butcher

Having entered the butchery trade straight from school, Mike has many years of experience & vast amount of knowledge encompassing all aspects of the food trade.

During his apprenticeship, not only did he learn how to butcher meat, but also how to cook it! (Because if you can’t cook it, you can’t sell it!) Having spent at least one day a week working alongside an experienced chef during these informative years.

After some years in the business, he then went to The Dairy Barn, near Stockbridge, where he was the Manager of this award-winning Farm Shop for eight years. Working hands on alongside the farmers, often in the fields looking after the animals, where he learnt how important good animal husbandry and welfare, has an impact on the quality of the finished product. The experience of working with farmers who have such passion for their animal’s wellbeing has stayed with him throughout his career.

“Happy animals are tasty animals”

Then spending the next six years at The Ginger Piggery, in Boyton, Wiltshire, another farm shop where again produce was sourced from the farm and local area. Alongside butchery he also partook in giving butchery demonstrations aimed at expanding the knowledge of children who visited from local schools.

Now taking the next step by owning his own shop alongside his wife Sarah. Taking over the well-established business, The Farmers Butcher from Neil Reid (Master Butcher) upon his well-deserved retirement.

Now in year three of running The Farmers Butcher, the support of our customers has been tremendous, and we are very grateful to everyone.