Fancy trying a Butchery Masterclass?

Why not try something different? We offer hands on butcher masterclass with The Farmers Butcher’s very own Master Butcher, Michael Alexander.  Bespoke butchery tuition to suit your requirements, groups or individuals welcome. Mike’s patience and teaching skills make this a fun and interesting few hours, he has taught many people and has even featured in magazines and has appeared on Countryfile, showing Matt Baker how to butcher a pig for bacon!

We are now taking bookings for Masterclasses in September 22, book now, or why not buy a voucher as a present?

Butchery Masterclass

3 Hour Pork Butchery Masterclass

£120 per person (minimum of 2 people)

Mike will show you, and talk through the process of how the carcass is broken down into different cuts of meat, and talk about different uses for each cut, and how to cook them. Then it’s your turn to do some butchery. This is very hands-on, you will learn how to butcher one side of the pig. We can even incorporate sausage making into the session!(on request)

We work on a ratio of one butcher per two people if possible, with a maximum group of four. We find this is a nice sized group and everyone gets plenty of help from the butcher. The price includes a joint you have boned, rolled and tied to take home to impress your family!

All masterclasses are held at Swallowfields Farm, Near Bramshaw with Mike. Aprons and a knife are included, along with plenty of tea and coffee.

If you are interested in a one-to-one masterclass, with Pork, Lamb or Beef, please do get in touch. If you can gather a few friends, we will do a demo specifically for you! Just ask.

*NEW* 2 Hour Lamb Butchery Masterclass

Cost: £90 per person (minimum 2 people)

Don’t fancy Pork, then why not try something smaller?

It’s the same format as the Pork Butchery Masterclass.

To book, or if you have any questions; please email Sarah;, or speak to Mike at the shop on 01794 322686.

I wanted to drop you a line to express my thanks for such an enjoyable butchery experience last night. You and your team were very patient, welcoming, informative and I have a new found respect thanks to a greater understanding of just how skilled you butchers are.
Not only do you possess an intimate knowledge of all the animals anatomy’s, the origin of the animals you work on, the cuts and how to use them in various dishes and volumes required for catering. All that before how physically exerting the role is. Literally amazing.
As you know, this was a Christmas gift to me from friends and I can highly recommend this experience to anyone.
Thanks again and I wish you and your team continued growth and prosperity.

I thoroughly enjoyed it thanks, a very full and worthwhile day. Hands on was excellent but as equally as good was the background I picked up on all aspects of meat and butchery, particularly the cuts I didn’t previously know much about.

Brilliant masterclass; a great introduction to butchery techniques at a relaxed, informal pace. I received this as a gift and it was a really enjoyable evening. The small group is ideal and being able to take home something that you’ve prepared is the icing on the cake. Would highly recommend.




A thoroughly enjoyable and informative few hours. Mikes knowledge of butchery as well as the rearing of tasty meat is fascinating. The skills learnt are invaluable. I would certainly recommend this class for anyone with an interest in how your meat is prepared or with a yearning to butcher your own meat.
Thank you Mike, Simon and Sarah


Carole Mahoney

Excellent – highly recommended. A hands-on course with Mike’s extensive knowledge offered in a friendly, supportive and relaxed style. As a group of three we learnt how to butcher from a whole pig side down to single cuts, all tailored to our individual paces (thanks for your patience!). Lots of questions answered and assistance from Mike and Tom who ensured we all had a really enjoyable few hours – plus our own joints to take home and impress! Would not hesitate to recommend whether a novice or budding Masterchef.

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